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Brothers Martin and Jimmy Lidberg have extensive experience working in exercise and health. Over the years, they have coached many companies and their employees to feel good and perform at their best through their concept, which includes individualized training, diet and coaching. After their sports careers with both the World Cup, European Championships and Olympic medals on the merit list, the Lidberg brothers decided early on to educate themselves and work in training and health. Since then, they have run their own training camps, published books, participated in health / exercise TV programs and helped many people reach their goals. This regardless of whether the goal has been to prevent ill health or whether the will has been to perform better in their work and everyday life.

Create success together with your company • Create success together with your company

During the ongoing pandemic, Martin and Jimmy Lidberg have taken their Teamlidberg concept online to reach more people in need, as many now choose to train at home or outdoors to a greater extent than before. Through a collaboration with Teamlidberg, each employee receives their own diet plan with recipes and menus that are calorie-calculated based on the employee’s goals. The same applies to training programs that are individual and that are adapted based on goals and training level. Some aim to lose weight and prevent ill health and obesity-related diseases, others want to gain muscle and change their body composition, but most often aim to just feel as good as possible and create their absolute best self, no matter how adapted programs based on your employees’ conditions and needs.

Everything is done easily and smoothly via an app you can download. Where you get your own diet plan and your exercise programs with exercises and videos with detailed information that is updated once a month. The app also has the Lidberg brothers and their professional and experienced team available for questions, motivation tips and pep, yes everything to create as good results as possible.

We also offer the following • We also offer the following • We also offer the following

Teamlidberg also offers motivating and informative lectures to inspire your staff. Through partners, we can also help you build and acquire your own company gym with your own gym equipment. Then Teamlidberg creates individual training programs for your employees based on the exact equipment you have at your company.

Health promotion initiatives • Health promotion initiatives • Health promotion initiatives

There is a lot of research that shows that we become better at dealing with stress and become happier if we exercise regularly. In addition, we reduce the risk of a number of different diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. Sick leave costs Swedish companies enormous sums every year. When you see what it costs the company when someone is ill, you soon realize that it is worth investing more in health-promoting initiatives that contribute to better health and counteract stress and illness.

According to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the average sick leave in Sweden is approximately 10 sick days per year and employee, which is a cost of SEK 19,912 per year and employee. Today, we have about 34,600 people on sick leave for adjustment disorders and reaction to severe stress in Sweden, ie various types of stress-related mental illness. This is shown by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s figures. In ten years, sick leave for that category has more than doubled. So there is a lot to be gained from investing in health-promoting efforts for their staff, both when it comes to finances and on a personal level that provides more productive and prosperous staff.

Teamlidberg’s health-promoting concept goes under the wellness allowance and is deductible. If you and your company are interested in a collaboration and want to be contacted by Teamlidberg, fill in the information below and we will hear from you shortly.

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